Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ahhhhh I just got a postcard from Adam!! =)
"Who's Adam," you ask?
Errr, how much time do you have?

You know the ones that get away? He's one of them.
But has he gotten away?

We were together for two years when he found out he was being sent to
Iraq. The breakup was amicable and mutual. We both didn't think I
should put my life on hold for at least a year, but was that the right
decision? I still love him. Good God I hope he never reads this.

This is what it said:

Hey love, here in Iraq playing poker and crazy eights day in and out.
I leave in four months. Don't worry for me, I'm in Al Dayy, really
far outside Baghdad. Can't wait to go to a regular dinner at a
restaurant when I get back. I'll try to call you soon.


This is so fucking hard because we were together for so long and our
breakup wasn't typical. We never got into a breakup fight. Everything was peachy with us... the only reason for our "break" is
bad timing, and I'm not sure thats a good enough reason to end such a great relationship. If I think about it too much it destroys my soul so I'm not going to... I just really miss him. Most people have that one love that gets away and in the back of your mind and in your heart you always think about them, always wonder what they are doing and wonder if they are thinking of you too. I hope he is but I know that this is for the best.

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