Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fashion Trip

Sorry for not posting earlier but I got back from Stonybrook later than I thought I would. One word: WOW. I definitely didn't expect the fashion show to be as amazing as it was. Let me give you the quick run down... they broke it down into 5 parts: business wear, urban wear, formal wear, beach wear and lingerie... scandalous ;) Best $10 I've spent all week.

We had front row seats that were so close you could literally see the pores on the models' legs. Everyone was SO hot too! Most of the male models had solid abs *drool* A ton of the girls were unconventionally hot because not all of them were tall and thin. There were some heavy set girls and they worked it just as well as everyone else... haha "its not what u got, but how u use it!"

The outfits they put together were awesome too. I honestly expected it to be a cheesy low-budget school production, but the fashion was on point! They had button down shirts paired with high-rise pencil skirts that were belted at the waist: it looked exactly like the outfits I've been seeing in Lucky or InStyle. Urban wear was interesting... there was some serious bling action there.

The finale was lingerie, and the first model came out with a huge basket of rose petals that seductively sprinkled onto the stage. Then all of them started coming out in guy/girl pairs which was the best because one of the guys came out in a robe with his dick in a box... and when they got to the front of the catwalk his partner peeked in the box and gasped... the entire crowd went nuts. They also hired this cool Hispanic comedian to come out between each segment and keep the crowd pumped. It was SUCH a good time.

The whole thing just reminded me how much I need to buy new clothes. All the cute outfits made me realize how totally incomplete my wardrobe is. I can't wait for my check next week: ITS TIME TO GO SUMMER SHOPPING BABY WOOO HOOO