Thursday, April 26, 2007

No Luck!

So I went back to the cafeteria this morning to check and see if anyone had returned the bag but no one had. I am so heartbroken. This bag means the world to me. I am so desperate to find it I would pay so much money to get this bag back, more than even buying another one! I think I am going to put up posters offering a reward. Hopefully someone will return it.

So heartbroken . . .


Joey Hodges said...

Heidi-I am so sorry that your bag is gone! That sucks! Hopefully, someone will return it. I left my cell in a cab a few weeks ago and this nice guy returned it to me. I tried to offer a reward to him, but he didn't except it. Cross your fingers and hope for the best! Ciao

Anonymous said...

Babe, it's Adam. That bag you loved was a fake. I know, I'm a cheap bastard, but I really thought you'd put out when you saw it.

Don't do something stupid, like offer a reward or some other idiotic thing like you always used to do. Remember the thing with the policeman?