Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SUCH a bad decision

Wooooow… remember Nate? That guy from media that asked me out? WTFFFFF HE BROUGHT ME TO A FOOT FETISH CLUB LAST NIGHT!! Yeah. A foot fetish club. Argh.

=/ The night started off so well too… we went to this high-end sushi place called Sushi Samba. He told me to wear red because it's apparently a secret rule about that restaurant… anyway so we met up, ate, and had a generally good time. He's really funny, and as coincidence would have it he grew up in a town 15 minutes away from where my family lives. On to the freaky part…
So we leave the restaurant and just kinda walk around aimlessly. We were supposed to go to my friend Matt's party but it got canceled. Nate mentioned one of his friends was throwing one downtown, so we decided to go. I made sure to call and tell my roommates where it was, just as a precaution. So we get there, and it seemed kind of boring. The apartment was beautiful, but it was an older crowd and there were only 11 or 12 people there. He introduced me to some friends, and I eventually started talking to a girl Samantha. We were chatting about school and our majors when she looked down at my feet and complimented my toenails. She asked me which nail salon I got them done at and I told her Allie had painted them for me this morning. Anyway, she slumped down off the couch and onto the floor to look at them closely. I thought it was a little weird but I figured she was a bit buzzed, so I didn't really mind. Point being... she tried sucking my toe while she was down there! I freaked out and almost kicked her in the face trying to get my foot away. She asked me what was wrong with me, so I look over at Nate with a "lets get the hell outta here" stare, and he just smiles at me! Then I notice that two girls are getting foot massages in the kitchen... which is when I realized what kind of party it was.
I ended up leaving by myself because Nate wanted to stay longer. UGHhh... I felt so violated... I mean I know it was just my foot, but still! WTF is wrong with him?? How could he have taken me there without mentioning anything? If he had told me beforehand I would have went for a little while just to see what one of those fetish parties was like. I could have politely stated that I was just a visitor and didn't really share their affinity for feet. Instead I got duped, and ended up looking like a spaz in front of all those people. Whatever, I don't care at this point. Sorry if I'm not into getting my toes sucked by random girls I JUST met. Wow class is going to be awkward on Monday... ><