Monday, April 30, 2007

just to keep you guys entertained...

haha check out what my friend Sarah found:

This is me, the caption says it all =/

EFFING COUNTERFEIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you wont ever believe this! Today I was looking at my bag, admiring my efforts and ability to get it back when in the process I realized that something was out of place with the interior. Not only is the lining a slightly different color, but the words on the leather tag inside run together! The lettering isn't as crisp and defined as on my REAL bag. The bag is FAKE!!!! I can’t believe this! After spending about an hour crying I decided to sit down and just vent on this silly blog.

I am so upset, so heartbroken and so angry! I tried to get in touch with the girl who returned the bag to me but of course she is not going to pick up; would you if I had already given you $500??!!! I made sure to leave the nastiest message too! I also tried calling from Allie’s phone to see if she would pick up a different number but no answer. How could someone do this?? I’m crying in the process of writing this, I just cant stop. UGH, I don’t understand. I really don’t. I am not giving up on this. I am going to continue to call her, so she wont get away with this. Keep your eyes open for a girl with medium length dark hair named Melanie!

what a world...

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Someone answered my ad today !!! they had my bag and it's now back with me where it belongs! It was some girl... she said she found it in the cafeteria. I guess she must have grabbed it after I left. Kinda makes me wonder if she would have ever brought it to lost and found were it not for my hefty reward... hmmm. Oh well that doesn't matter, I'm just glad to have it back =D!!!

Thank goodness I found it... I know losing it was a complete accident, but I feel like Adam still woulda been pretty hurt if he had found out. Muahaha but he will never know! I love this thing, it compliments summer outfits so well. Anyway, its time to hit the hay.

(holy crap i STILL cant believe i got it back =D)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

screw the critics

Alright so it's set: I'm offering $500 to the person that returns my bag. I don't care if they are the ones who stole it in the first place, I just really want it back. I just got into this huge fight with Jess because she called me a baby and said I was dumb for freaking out over a bag. She said some really hurtful stuff, and basically implied that I should just get over the Adam thing and move on. I know it sounds stupid or whatever, but nobody knows how I'm feeling. It is one of the few tangible things I have to remember him by (and it's also just really cute). He was never that great with picking out gifts for people, but this bag was SUCH a priceless lovable moment:

He got all nervous because he thought I wouldnt like it, and started making up all these excuses before I opened the gift. He was like "Hey I'm not sure if you'll like this... you might think it's ugly or something, but I know you really love pink.. and uhm, fashion... so I hope you like it." I loved it, but you should have seen that hopeful look in his eye... arghhhhh i need it back! I'm gonna put those posters up ASAP

Thursday, April 26, 2007

No Luck!

So I went back to the cafeteria this morning to check and see if anyone had returned the bag but no one had. I am so heartbroken. This bag means the world to me. I am so desperate to find it I would pay so much money to get this bag back, more than even buying another one! I think I am going to put up posters offering a reward. Hopefully someone will return it.

So heartbroken . . .

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

omg this sucks ='(

So I have some really sad news...Adam had bought me this really cute Coach bag for our two year anniversary when we were still together, and I LOVE it!! Today, as I was about to leave shool I realized it was gone. I started freaking out because I couldn't believe that I lost it. I'm obsessed with that bag, and I can't believe that I could have just left it somewhere. You see, I was in the cafeteria before class studying for my stupid exam, when I realized I was late for class, so I just bolted out there…without my bag! I had my knapsack and a bunch of books to carry... and I guess I just didn't realize that I had left that one behind. I'm such a fool =(

After the exam, I was standing outside talking to my friends about how I did, when I noticed that I didn't have it on me. I ran upstairs to the cafeteria to see if it was still there, but I couldnt find it!!! I asked the staff if anyone had returned a lost bag but they said no one had. I swear I almost started crying! Had it not been for Diana and Lisa, two of my closest friends, I would have gone completely Carrie on the cafeteria and had a psycho meltdown. I just had some gym clothes in there, nothing valuable, but this bag is sooooooo important to me! It was the last gift that Adam gave to me before we broke up and he went to Iraq! I don't know what to do, but I need to find it!

This sucks soooo much. If it had been any other bag, it wouldn't be such a big deal. I am so devastateded right now. I feel as though a piece of my heart was taken with that bag, that is really how much it means to me. Im going to go back and check tomorrow. Hopefully someone has returned it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SUCH a bad decision

Wooooow… remember Nate? That guy from media that asked me out? WTFFFFF HE BROUGHT ME TO A FOOT FETISH CLUB LAST NIGHT!! Yeah. A foot fetish club. Argh.

=/ The night started off so well too… we went to this high-end sushi place called Sushi Samba. He told me to wear red because it's apparently a secret rule about that restaurant… anyway so we met up, ate, and had a generally good time. He's really funny, and as coincidence would have it he grew up in a town 15 minutes away from where my family lives. On to the freaky part…
So we leave the restaurant and just kinda walk around aimlessly. We were supposed to go to my friend Matt's party but it got canceled. Nate mentioned one of his friends was throwing one downtown, so we decided to go. I made sure to call and tell my roommates where it was, just as a precaution. So we get there, and it seemed kind of boring. The apartment was beautiful, but it was an older crowd and there were only 11 or 12 people there. He introduced me to some friends, and I eventually started talking to a girl Samantha. We were chatting about school and our majors when she looked down at my feet and complimented my toenails. She asked me which nail salon I got them done at and I told her Allie had painted them for me this morning. Anyway, she slumped down off the couch and onto the floor to look at them closely. I thought it was a little weird but I figured she was a bit buzzed, so I didn't really mind. Point being... she tried sucking my toe while she was down there! I freaked out and almost kicked her in the face trying to get my foot away. She asked me what was wrong with me, so I look over at Nate with a "lets get the hell outta here" stare, and he just smiles at me! Then I notice that two girls are getting foot massages in the kitchen... which is when I realized what kind of party it was.
I ended up leaving by myself because Nate wanted to stay longer. UGHhh... I felt so violated... I mean I know it was just my foot, but still! WTF is wrong with him?? How could he have taken me there without mentioning anything? If he had told me beforehand I would have went for a little while just to see what one of those fetish parties was like. I could have politely stated that I was just a visitor and didn't really share their affinity for feet. Instead I got duped, and ended up looking like a spaz in front of all those people. Whatever, I don't care at this point. Sorry if I'm not into getting my toes sucked by random girls I JUST met. Wow class is going to be awkward on Monday... ><

Monday, April 23, 2007

goood times

Ugh, another week back to school and work. I had such a great time this weekend. I went out for a night on the town Thursday for Allie's 23rd Birthday with a bunch of our girlfriends. Allie has a friend that works at Bed, the club in Chelsea and as a result we were able to cut the lines and he even hooked us up with some VIP treatment. Man, its so great being a girl! After finishing off the complementary bottle of champagne, more guys came over and offered to buy us drinks. They were polite, and were not really hitting on me, but somehow I couldn't stop thinking about Adam. I feel like he should be with me at these places... anyway, we had such a great night and by the end Jess and I had to literally carry Allie who could not stop singing Madonna's Like A Virgin the entire cab ride home.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


this is awesome!

Fashion Trip

Sorry for not posting earlier but I got back from Stonybrook later than I thought I would. One word: WOW. I definitely didn't expect the fashion show to be as amazing as it was. Let me give you the quick run down... they broke it down into 5 parts: business wear, urban wear, formal wear, beach wear and lingerie... scandalous ;) Best $10 I've spent all week.

We had front row seats that were so close you could literally see the pores on the models' legs. Everyone was SO hot too! Most of the male models had solid abs *drool* A ton of the girls were unconventionally hot because not all of them were tall and thin. There were some heavy set girls and they worked it just as well as everyone else... haha "its not what u got, but how u use it!"

The outfits they put together were awesome too. I honestly expected it to be a cheesy low-budget school production, but the fashion was on point! They had button down shirts paired with high-rise pencil skirts that were belted at the waist: it looked exactly like the outfits I've been seeing in Lucky or InStyle. Urban wear was interesting... there was some serious bling action there.

The finale was lingerie, and the first model came out with a huge basket of rose petals that seductively sprinkled onto the stage. Then all of them started coming out in guy/girl pairs which was the best because one of the guys came out in a robe with his dick in a box... and when they got to the front of the catwalk his partner peeked in the box and gasped... the entire crowd went nuts. They also hired this cool Hispanic comedian to come out between each segment and keep the crowd pumped. It was SUCH a good time.

The whole thing just reminded me how much I need to buy new clothes. All the cute outfits made me realize how totally incomplete my wardrobe is. I can't wait for my check next week: ITS TIME TO GO SUMMER SHOPPING BABY WOOO HOOO

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ok so this random cute guy from my media class sat next to me today and just introduced himself and struck up a convo. We only talked for like 10 minutes but he asked me out this coming Monday… should I go? I feel like it might be awkward and I really miss Adam but I know that he wants me to continue living my life, thats the reason we broke up. This guy seems really cool, his name is Nate. I think I am going to give it a shot.

Anways gotta run! Allie's 23rd Birthday is tonight! Were going to Bed and possibly some other places but I have to start getting ready. It is definitely going to be one crazy night. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ahhhhh I just got a postcard from Adam!! =)
"Who's Adam," you ask?
Errr, how much time do you have?

You know the ones that get away? He's one of them.
But has he gotten away?

We were together for two years when he found out he was being sent to
Iraq. The breakup was amicable and mutual. We both didn't think I
should put my life on hold for at least a year, but was that the right
decision? I still love him. Good God I hope he never reads this.

This is what it said:

Hey love, here in Iraq playing poker and crazy eights day in and out.
I leave in four months. Don't worry for me, I'm in Al Dayy, really
far outside Baghdad. Can't wait to go to a regular dinner at a
restaurant when I get back. I'll try to call you soon.


This is so fucking hard because we were together for so long and our
breakup wasn't typical. We never got into a breakup fight. Everything was peachy with us... the only reason for our "break" is
bad timing, and I'm not sure thats a good enough reason to end such a great relationship. If I think about it too much it destroys my soul so I'm not going to... I just really miss him. Most people have that one love that gets away and in the back of your mind and in your heart you always think about them, always wonder what they are doing and wonder if they are thinking of you too. I hope he is but I know that this is for the best.