Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here is the catch- I am totally not real!

Break the Chain of Counterfeiting

Contact Information:


The International Anti Counterfeit Coalition and COACH Sponsor Counterfeit Event

NEW YORK, NY- May 14, 2007 – On May 10TH, 2007 Hunter College marketing students
organized a large, public event to educate college students on the perils of the global
counterfeiting trade and how they can make a difference. As part of Hunter’s Strategic Public
Relations course, with sponsorship from the IACC and COACH, the event was centered on a
fictional college student, “Heidi Cee,” and was part of a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting
campaign called “Break the Chain.”

Using guerilla-marketing tactic and drawing upon new technologies as well as web2.0
fundamentals, the students created an integrated marketing campaign that centered on Heidi
Cee to help communicate the issues surrounding the counterfeiting trade to the public. Posters
were placed around campus asking students to locate Heidi’s “missing COACH bag”. As the
story unfolds on the “Break the Chain” website, a woman returns a bag identical to the one Heidi
lost, in exchange for a large reward. The bag, however, turns out to be a counterfeit which
motivates Heidi to educate her peers about counterfeiting by using online tools in conjunction
with an on-campus event.

In order to generate interest in the Break the Chain even through Heidi’s plight, the students
spread information regarding Heidi and her story by a fictional blog the character kept on
Facebook and a Myspace page created in Heidi’s name. The online content provides the
background on Heidi’s story up to and after the “Break The Chain” event.

At the Break The Chain event on May 10th, oversized chains and posters carrying facts about
counterfeiting were posted around campus and give-aways with branded messaging about anti-
counterfeiting were distributed, as were printed fliers and postcards with facts regarding
counterfeiting. The students were able to gain experience in creating an integrated marketing
campaign under the supervision of industry professionals and to prepare for careers in
marketing and public communications.

For more information regarding the Hunter College students anti-counterfeit message “Break the Chain”,
visit Search: Heidi Cee

The students of Hunter College strive to educate the consumer population at Hunter College
about the counterfeit marketplace and the consequences of buying fakes. The campaign is
produced in cooperation with the IACC and is sponsored by COACH.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I finally uploaded it! Tell me what you guys think, because I personally think my friends did an amazing job <33! this was played at the Break the Chain event on campus last Thursday. We've all been busy writing term papers and/or studying, so all the media is trickling in slowly. More pics to come!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Check it out! This is a picture from the end of the event on Thursday... everyone looks awesome. Thanks again you guys!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


first off, let me start by apologizing for not being there today! my uncle had a stroke Wednesday night and we all had to drive out to jersey to be with him. Crappy timing right? Everything is ok now, hes fine... his lip was paralyzed but hes slowly regaining feeling and movement now =D

Well I wasn't about to let that get in the way of ruining my anti-counterfeiting event! The show must go on! My friends all told me it was awesome. WE had allll those posters up, and were giving away free olive garden food along with tshirts, keychains, and water bottles!.So many students flocked to our table, they tell me it was a madhouse. I realize most were probably just there for the free stuff, but I'd like to think that the fact cards my friends gave out helped to at least raise some awareness about the issue of fake goods, medicines, and mechanical parts.

Greg and Sarah tell me everyone was asking questions about our campaign. Its good to know we are educating people about a relatively little-known problem. My only regret is that I wasn't there :(

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Going over a friend's later to see if we can make a slideshow for the event... maybe some cycling pics of fake stuff versus real stuff. He knows flash so hopefully we can make something worthwhile :) hahaha how funny would it be if the Melanie girl happened to walk by tomorrow during the event? She'd probably get mobbed... muahaha dont mess with Heidi! A ton of facebook invites went out yesterday, so feel free to drop in and bring some friends! But come early if you want the free stuff.... cant vouch for how long thatll be available...

eeep! one more day.... so exciting. ttyl guys gotta run to class

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Final preparations!

So after a week of frantic rushing, im proud to say we got the space for our event! Hunter gave us the ok to host it this thursday afternoon on the 3rd floor skywalk! Now all we have to do is pimp it out hehehe. Stop by if ur walking through, there might be some surprises =x

Other than that life has been peachy. Its weird... sure i have a pile of work/finals within the next two weeks, but i dont really care. Ive already put in library time, I'll be good. Quick question: Final papers or final exams? Which do you prefer? Im going with exams.

Monday, May 7, 2007

lol syracuse kids are crazy

I just got a call from my friend Diana... she went upstate for the weekend to visit a friend at Syracuse. Anyway there was some sort of end of the semester party or sumthin, and get this:

These freaking kids were having refrigerator races. She told me they spent all day taking the doors off old fridges, hollowing them out, and painting them them. So each team has 1 member sit inside the fridge, with the other 4 behind it pushing. Lol so i say to her "Oh wow so they attached wheels to the bottoms?" and Diana goes, "no".
So apparently they were literally just pushing/dragging fridges with people in them down a hill... lol wtfff

shes gonna email me a video when she gets back home. ill post it. Ughhh i need a red bull soo bad. later!