Tuesday, May 1, 2007

So I have been hung up on this lately and i decided to do a little research on counterfeit bags and discovered that

- counterfeiting is linked to criminal activity (big surprise)
- linked to child labor (where they probably slave for 2 cents per hour)
- it takes away from the economy because the guys selling the fake stuff are non-legit and never pay any taxes
- It is ripping off someones artwork! Im sure Coach pays A TON of money for designers to come up with all those pretty designs. Meanwhile, all counterfeiters have to do is come along an rip off all their creativity.
- Theres a business in counterfeiting pharmaceuticals, airplane parts, and car parts... stuff like that could kill people! Wtf would happen if I went to the car shop and they installed freakin counterfeit brakes on my car?!

U should google the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition... its where I learned most of this stuff. The have pictures that show you how to tell a real from a fake. They have a bunch of other companies that have joined the cause... lol kinda ironic, but COACH is on the list too!

It really got me thinking that I would like to get involved. I want to hold an event somewhere at Hunter. This is really the perfect opportunity to step in and make a difference. I already put up those missing posters up with the help of my girlfriends (thanks Allie and Jess!) I know this really must sound crazy but I am so angry at this point I might as well channel my energy into fighting against this garbage. How dare she give me a fake bag?! Maybe this will get the message out to Melanie – fakes are lame. So first I called a group of my girlfriends during my break to run my ideas past them and to make sure I didn’t sound like I had lost my mind. They were totally supportive and (oddly enough) wanna help out. One of them, Shari, works in PR so she knew exactly what to do. She told me that she would help me write up a press release and send the message out to the Hunter newspaper and all that other good stuff. I'm worried because if this is really going to work we need to make it happen soon because school is almost over– she said to me, “listen, gather a group or your friends and we will get this done.”

Sooooo I made the nerve racking phone call to the IACC. Once I get my heart set on something I am beyond dedicated. The woman that I spoke with at the IACC was so cool and understanding. After speaking with her for about 30 mins she said that the IACC would gladly support the campaign, she took my phone number and e-mail address and said she would call her contacts at Coach to see if they would contribute to the project. She was very optimistic that they would. She said she'd call back before the end of the day.

Anyway 5 of my friends are coming over to help me right now. We're gonna have a little brainstorming party hehe. They're gonna help me plan this all out, and in exchange I shall buy everyone Chinese food. ☺Eggrolls for all!

Whew... it feels so good to have the ball rolling on something


Anonymous said...

ur really doin a great job. keep it up!

Anonymous said...


Wow, a fake blog produced by a fake class bought by a corporate lobby. Hunter should be ashamed of itself.

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