Thursday, May 3, 2007

Moving Along

So the gang and I are moving along smoothly on our Break the Chain campaign. We finished making the fact tags today after a very confusing trip to Home Depot, we looked like lost puppies walking into that store, although I do have to say it seems like a great place to pick up guys!! Luckily we were able to get help and be in and out pretty fast. We also reserved the event location at Hunter – 1-2:30 in the skywalk on the 3rd floor of Hunter on Thursday May 10, if your around come! We were able to get funding thanks to Coach (which is just so crazy and SOOO COOL!) and we are working on getting a large supply of give-aways such as key chains, t-shirts and more. Shari is handling all of this due to her experience which is such a big help. We will also be sending out the press releases tomorrow. I will post a picture of the Fact tags shortly. I am so beat, what a long day and I have to go to work tomorrow. Better get some rest.

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Sarah Hall said...

Will you post a picture of the Fact tags shortly? We are still waiting for it:) The entire blog looks pretty nice, thanks for sharing! Kindest regards, Scholarship