Sunday, May 6, 2007


Most of the weekend I spent doing work for my classes. . . we're in the final stretch now so hitting the books is a must! Although, I did work an early shift at the bar last night for some extra cash and then hit up a house party at my friend Waseem's apartment - amazing place with a sick patio and he is just the best host ever, so cute too. My friends and I spent half the night out there chatting away sipping on Margaritas because of course last night was Cinco de Mayo. We also couldnt help but admire all the really cute guys, it is so great to be single sometimes but of course I miss Adam.
Anyways, my friends and I are still working on the campaign. Everything is coming along great for the event and we are working on sending another press release out as a reminder. My girlfriend Charlotte is going to come over tonight and help me make some finishing touches and of course the fact tags will be going up shortly around campus to spread awareness about the issue of counterfeiting in addition to the event. Anyways, I have to get back to work! I will continue to keep you posted, sorry I am just sooo busy!


Anonymous said...



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