Monday, April 23, 2007

goood times

Ugh, another week back to school and work. I had such a great time this weekend. I went out for a night on the town Thursday for Allie's 23rd Birthday with a bunch of our girlfriends. Allie has a friend that works at Bed, the club in Chelsea and as a result we were able to cut the lines and he even hooked us up with some VIP treatment. Man, its so great being a girl! After finishing off the complementary bottle of champagne, more guys came over and offered to buy us drinks. They were polite, and were not really hitting on me, but somehow I couldn't stop thinking about Adam. I feel like he should be with me at these places... anyway, we had such a great night and by the end Jess and I had to literally carry Allie who could not stop singing Madonna's Like A Virgin the entire cab ride home.

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