Monday, May 14, 2007


I finally uploaded it! Tell me what you guys think, because I personally think my friends did an amazing job <33! this was played at the Break the Chain event on campus last Thursday. We've all been busy writing term papers and/or studying, so all the media is trickling in slowly. More pics to come!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, a fake blog produced by a fake class bought by a corporate lobby. Hunter should be ashamed of itself.

Academic independence is dead; long live academic independence!

Hojason said...

Dear Christ. I can't believe you idiots actually go to college. You had *corporate* backing, and the best arguments you could find against counterfeit bags were a) the sweatshop--the vertically integrated manufacturing scheme developed by high fashion--and b) equating fake bags to counterfeit pharmaceuticals and engine parts? Do you actually expect us to believe a fake bag could *kill* someone?

A two-year-old could see past such a cacophony of callously fallacious reasoning. I sincerely hope you all get jobs with the industries that sponsored this course. At least then we'll never have to worry about them selling anything again.

Do you ever lament the sea of incompetence that you and all your "marketing" peers at Hunter encompass?

Catalin said...

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