Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Final preparations!

So after a week of frantic rushing, im proud to say we got the space for our event! Hunter gave us the ok to host it this thursday afternoon on the 3rd floor skywalk! Now all we have to do is pimp it out hehehe. Stop by if ur walking through, there might be some surprises =x

Other than that life has been peachy. Its weird... sure i have a pile of work/finals within the next two weeks, but i dont really care. Ive already put in library time, I'll be good. Quick question: Final papers or final exams? Which do you prefer? Im going with exams.


Joey Hodges said...

i prefer papers

Anonymous said...


Wow, a fake blog produced by a fake class bought by a corporate lobby. Hunter should be ashamed of itself.

Academic independence is dead; long live academic independence!