Monday, May 7, 2007

lol syracuse kids are crazy

I just got a call from my friend Diana... she went upstate for the weekend to visit a friend at Syracuse. Anyway there was some sort of end of the semester party or sumthin, and get this:

These freaking kids were having refrigerator races. She told me they spent all day taking the doors off old fridges, hollowing them out, and painting them them. So each team has 1 member sit inside the fridge, with the other 4 behind it pushing. Lol so i say to her "Oh wow so they attached wheels to the bottoms?" and Diana goes, "no".
So apparently they were literally just pushing/dragging fridges with people in them down a hill... lol wtfff

shes gonna email me a video when she gets back home. ill post it. Ughhh i need a red bull soo bad. later!


Anonymous said...

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Academic independence is dead; long live academic independence!

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